The process

Estudio de la Nieta was born in 2022 with a clear goal of putting all my skills and interests together on an only discipline in which focus my creative world. Every jewel tells something about important moments in my life. Those moments are signed by an object, a smell… Every flower is a representation of one of those moments. The starting point is always a short story from which my creative process continues until final jewel. A drawing is the standard way of starting a creative process but not for me. Writing is the most important thing for me and then I use to work on volume and sculpture directly. Drawings and painting appears (if it appears), on a very late process. My jewels take little pieces of myself be cause my own hands are the ones that manufacture them. They are like a case full of experiences and special memories. Ive been so close to my grandparents my whole life. They tought me everything about culture and Spanish tradition, that is always determinant on Estudio de la Nieta.

something about me, even a tiny something.


I was born in Madrid between the spring and the summer. I had a happy childhood with my parents and grandparents, that took care of me in the mornings since I was a baby. At eight years old, full of fantasies, I joined my professional music studies at Joaquín Turina Conservatory. I chose Viola.
A few years after, moved by a teenager stream, decided to abandone my music studies for taking classic ballet lessons with Esther Cañizares while I was studying my arts highschool. On that moment I began to interact in the world of fashion between runways, parties… and decided to join the “Fashion and Graphic design” Grade at College. On this non-stop fight for finding a way of expressing myself creatively on a really honest way, I stumbled upon my roots: Spanish culture and tradition. A childhood between vendimia, Semana Santa, Villancicos… and good memories.

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