Jewelry with history. Honoring spanish way of life

Every story is based on personal memories. Each collection has its starting point on a short story, where I visualize the jewels. To start with a draw is the standard way of creative process but not for me. I always start writing and then y work directly on volume and sculpture. Drawing or design use to appear (if they appear) on a very late process.

Olivo Collection

"I remembered Andalucía's scent one day. Sweets and flowers, aceituna. Time stops. The blossom on olive trees."

Everything is susceptible of change for me. Even the “raison d’etre” of my collections. Olivo Collection started being an homage to the great olive tree that has been grounded at my village’s square for hundreds of years. Over time my sight on the collection changed to the point of feeling disconected to it and its flowers. After a long trip to Andalucía I could strongly reconnect with this collection but with a radically different sight. Some memories gave way to others and I can’t stop thinking about that Andalusian “almazara” smell .


"There was a laurel at cottage’s home yard once. When sun gets down I used to stay in front and look at it while wondering how that tiny tree could resist Castilla la Mancha’s extreme weather. The point is the tree had an extraordinary strength: it knows itself crown of the winners. Nothing could bother it. Leftovers of eggs and fruit peels were running through its blood, sometimes mixed with some newborn swallow that fell the nest. With all, it gave off an aroma as clean as the white walls in between it grew. Always looking for some sky"

Spanish flora

Ive worked on this collection from the memories of that tree that grown at the village’s house’s backyard, inside a green metal container. It lived and died there.

  • "She longed the day she could finally own those earrings. Her mother had been in charge of honoring those pearls until they became a family treasure. What she didn’t know was that her grandmother, the one she had always imagined sitting on the chair reading novels and telling stories, ordered to make those earrings with some pearls she found (by casualty) under an old summer sun."

  • Órbita is a more “simple” collection. Pearls and metal are combined for reaching a very confortable jewels also honoring the “family treasure” idea. Earrings that know how to last on the memory.